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Anne Siegel is an award winning TV and radio journalist, filmmaker and writer. She has worked as a foreign correspondent in Israel and Palestine, produced features in Iceland, Denmark, Great Britain, the United States and North Africa. She is also the co-creator of several German comedy TV shows and in addition wrote, directed and produced a number of documentaries as well as video-installations and radio plays.

Her bestseller nonfiction book FRAUEN FISCHE FJORDE (Fraulein Fish & Fjords) is out in it’s 12.th edition. After 4 more books on Iceland, a Shoa Survivor’s memoir that leads from Vienna to Hamburg and todays Panama City (Anne found „Señora Gerta“’s savior with her book that turned into the next bestseller) and the biography of the first female Buddhist nun, who became a Geshe (THE VENERABLE, for which His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama wrote the foreword), she now delivered REYKJAVÍK BLUES, a novel on love, passion and where the tantalizing power of money can lead you. This is the 2nd part of her big Iceland-novel-trilogy (Part 1: Northern Brides), that deals with the quarrels around an old German immigrant and her vital Icelandic family and friends starting in the times of a nation’s downfall with the bankcrisis. It not only deals with deep emotion and surrounds us with the beauty of Northern natures, it also leads to the ones who are redeploying Iceland’s capital to foreign shell companies.

First reviews compare the novelist with Elena Ferrante – „Anne Siegel has created for Iceland what Elena Ferrante has achieved for Naples!“

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